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14. LorsDypeasype   (2012-06-08 12:39 PM)
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13. Maria_Washington   (2012-04-13 4:52 AM)
ould also do your (wonderful) thing around the blogosphere for a while (just not always here). Keep the juices flowing, continue to help people, foster even greater community growth, and not be an (ugh) static single target.

12. Natalie_Illinois   (2012-03-27 7:06 AM)
I like the idea of a private blog if getting the RSS and reading posts was as simple as public. If there are too many hoops just to get notice of and read a single post it will get frustrating.

11. Alexis_Idaho   (2012-02-19 6:35 PM)
Only reason I voted for him was SARAH. I wasn’t even going to vote until he picked her. I had voted in every election since the late 1960?s.

10. Abigail_North_Carolina   (2012-02-01 11:19 PM)
I see two basic options for you: Reduce visibility and do something completely different, or stay visible and continue publishing your own stuff under your own name. All the options you cite can be assigned to one of these two categories. I dearly hope you go with the second option, even though I would totally understand if you decide otherwise.

9. Claire_Alabama   (2012-01-25 9:00 AM)
Good for Hannity, hammering Mc Cain. Mc Cain off as so slimey. He completely bought into the Obama narrative and talks about the great calamity to come if there is no agreement, and continues to blast the Tea Party.

8. BuillPeernole   (2010-01-22 4:56 PM)
How is it going,

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not my site

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